CPP Claims Invites Mistaken for PPI Scam Text Messages

Payment protection insurance scam text messages, which had reached even the numbers of children who own phones, played a role in having only a quarter of the seven million consumers mis sold card protection plans or CPP, according to MoneySavingExpert. CPP is a policy similar to PPI, except that it only affects credit card holders. […]

It is Not All Bad With PPI Claims: How Refunds Helped Our Economy

They daily news had almost spoiled everything regarding the usefulness of payment protection insurance because of the stigma of its mis selling. PPI refunds, while it may take a few days to a month, are actually blessings in disguise. It had helped the economy increase consumer activity, acting as an “artificial windfall” because people are […]

Why Backpacking Costs Much More Than Leisure Travels

Fancy five-star hotels and restaurants, a private concierge and convenience is the common perception of most leisure travels. It is a hassle-free vacation in a country that also includes all places of interest and sure daily meals for travellers. But it is boring, says many backpackers. Most backpackers will protest traveling ala backpack is cheaper. […]